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'Rhian can coach the most exacting of clients whether they be CEOs, founders, board members or young "next gens".

She can challenge appropriately and is gently relentless in pursuit of an honest dialogue'

*Contributors are happy to provide references.

'Twenty years spent seeking out the best talent has left Rhian an expert in people and all their complexity. Now she moves from selecting to developing individuals and their organisations, critiquing not just strengths and weaknesses but helping her clients find their potential for growth and change.


The demands of leadership have never been weightier than in these challenging times but it is still the case that the one thing even top performers are rarely good at is seeing themselves as others see them.


Rhian understands the landscape and the forces at play in organisations, and within ourselves, that can work against our success. The more senior leaders become the more they may feel that they are having to manage some kind of leadership brand.  


However, leadership identity is far more than a public relations exercise. Finding one's authentic and effective leadership self within a family business, for example, can be especially hard when there are well-worn shoes to fill, expectations to be met and new paths that need to be taken.


Having open, non-judgmental conversations over time with Rhian helps individuals and families to make good decisions and avoid pitfalls as they plan their future as individuals and collectives.'

Editorial Consultant and ex Editor, Management Today


'I have been lucky to work with Rhian over the past 12 months as both my guide and my mentor.


Through her gentle questioning and guidance, not only has she been able to provide me with the confidence to take the next steps on my journey but also the ability to create a framework through which to approach the various challenges of succession that every business faces. She has an understanding of the additional nuances of family organisations and the important conversations that must take place.


I have very much enjoyed our journey together and feel that she allowed me to grow and form my own pathway with excellent steering. She has a great empathy and understanding and uses her inquisitive mind to guide and inspire.'


Chief Executive, Family owned business, Food Manufacturing.


'I appreciated being able to talk about strategic questions, and some of the upcoming challenges.  


Being able to articulate these and receive feedback was immensely helpful. I’ve learned a lot and really enjoyed myself, plus there are measurable results.'

Chairman and Chief Executive, multi-generational family enterprise


'Rhian is intellectually curious and intuitive, lateral and playful, open and kind - and willing to let others take centre stage. In a modern business world filled with unique feuds and febrile atmosphere.

I’d want her as a wise and trusted advisor.'

Former Global CEO, Active Strategies. Asset Management

'Rhian stands out in the industry in which she has worked because she is so psychologically astute.

She learns and understands the needs of others with a potent combination of hard and soft skills'

CEO, Asset Management

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